December 11, 2023

Medical/Healthcare Uniforms Supplies Kenya

Lab coats Supplies Kenya. Lab coats for sale in Kenya

Lab coat- Nurses Uniforms -Medical Scrubs for sale in Kenya

Lab coat- Nurses Uniforms -Medical Scrubs for sale in Kenya

For laboratory and medical environments, we have a solution for you. We have high-quality lab coats to safeguard you against biological materials, spills, and hazardous chemicals, among other harmful substances, in the healthcare environment. We integrate distinctive features based on your customization needs to enhance your professional look. Order from us and enjoy comfort throughout your working days since our lab coat fabric materials are durable but also lightweight and breathable, integrated with additional features like ample pockets, side vents, and adjustable cuffs.

Nurses scrubs Supplies Kenya. Nurses scrubs for sale in Kenya

We have comfortable scrubs for more effortless movement and workplace operations. They are also designed with functionality by integrating ample pockets for nurses to carry along essential tools like medical instruments, stethoscopes. When looking for nurses’ scrubs with good resistance to frequent washing and use while still maintaining a professional look, stop here and place your order.

Theatre Gowns Supplies Kenya. Theatre Gowns sales in Kenya

Do you want theatre gowns that comply with healthcare industry standards and regulations? It is all available at Jz Uniforms  Kenya. We have well-designed theatre gowns to instill confidence and professionalism in surgical personnel. For durability and functionality, comfort and mobility, safety and protection, infection control, proper sizes, and well fitness, a sense of professionalism is assured through our professionally made theatre gowns.

Pediatric uniforms Supplies Kenya. Pediatric uniforms for  sale Kenya 

We have well-designed pediatric uniforms for different healthcare professionals and specialists in children. Do you want child-friendly designs coming in bright colors and playful prints? Our expertise in staff uniform suppliers will ensure you get exactly what you need. Through our customization services, we can add logos and names that can enhance the distinctiveness of your pediatric healthcare facility. Enjoy value for money by choosing our pediatric uniforms made from durable fabrics.

Maternity gowns Supplies Kenya. Maternity gowns for sale in Kenya

Ensure the comfort of pregnant women in your healthcare facility by offering maternity gowns that feature style, functionality, and comfort. We have well-designed and stylish maternity gowns flexible to the changing shapes of the body of pregnant women made from stretchy fabrics and adjustable closures to facilitate a comfortable fit. We also integrate convenient closures to support the more effortless performance of medical examinations, ultrasounds, and prenatal checkups.

Patient gowns Supplies Kenya. Patient gowns for sale in Kenya.

We have modest and comfortable patient gowns that support the patient’s comfort and privacy while seeking treatments and getting medical examinations. We integrate adjustable closures to accommodate wide-ranging patients’ body shapes and sizes. The selection of high-quality fabrics for patient gowns ensures high resistance to shrinkage, wrinkle, and tear from regular washing.

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